Inquirer’s Class

The Inquirers Class is a small fellowship classroom experience comprised of between eight and ten members and friends, which offers an opportunity of introducing you to what makes our family tick. The class is offered in both the fall and spring 'semesters', and is made up of four individual sessions devoted to such topics as 'What we believe', 'Mission outreach at Faith', 'Worship and music', 'Congregational life', and 'Christian education'.

Learn about us as you become better acquainted on a personal level with our pastor, members of our fellowship, and other Inquirers like yourself, who have simply expressed an interest in Faith Church. In this setting we can get to know you better, and introduce you to others within our fellowship who share your interests, and who may be of the greatest assistance to you introducing you to our community and our church.

Each of these informal Inquirers Class sessions offers an opportunity for questions and open discussion, and for your convenience meets during the regular Sunday School hour following the Sunday worship service: As you become acquainted with Faith, your children are free to join in children’s choir activities and meet with new friends in our many Sunday School offerings.