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APRIL 14, 2024

The Order for the Worship of God

Follow along by watching our livestream on our YouTube channel at 930a on Sunday.

Let the first tone of the organ be a call to quiet meditation in which all may become aware of God’s presence, and lift up a prayer for yourself and for Faith Church.

Bulletin - April 14, 2024: Text

Hymn Sing     Hymns to be announced

Call to Worship

Hymn     # 431     All Creatures of Our God and King          (Gray Psalter Hymnal)

Prayer of Confession     Front of Gray Psalter Hymnal  

Prayer for Illumination          Mike Lockwood         

Old Testament Reading     Exodus 3:13-17   

       13But Moses said to God, “If I come to the Israelites and say to them, ‘The God of your ancestors has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is his name?’ what shall I say to them?” 14God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” He said further, “Thus you shall say to the Israelites, ‘I am has sent me to you.’ ” 15God also said to Moses, “Thus you shall say to the Israelites, ‘The Lord, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you’:

       This is my name forever, and this my title for all generations.

       16“Go and assemble the elders of Israel and say to them, ‘The Lord, the God of your ancestors, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, has appeared to me, saying: I have given heed to you and to what has been done to you in Egypt. 17I declare that I will bring you up out of the misery of Egypt, to the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites, a land flowing with milk and honey.’

Lector: This is the Word of the Lord.

Congregation: Thanks be to God for His Word.

Anthem      Pilgrims’ Hymn

Even before we call on Your name

To ask You, O God

When we seek for the words to glorify You

You hear our prayer

Unceasing love, O unceasing love

Surpassing all we know

Glory to the father

And to the Son

And to the Holy Spirit

Even with darkness sealing us in

We breathe Your name

And through all the days that follow so fast

We trust in You

Endless Your grace, O endless Your grace

Beyond all mortal dream

Both now and forever

And unto ages and ages


Children’s Sermon

Hymn     # 436     This Is My Father’s World          (Gray Psalter Hymnal)

New Testament Reading     John 8:48-59

       48The Jews answered him, “Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?” 49Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon, but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me. 50Yet I do not seek my own glory; there is one who seeks it, and he is the judge. 51Very truly, I tell you, whoever keeps my word will never see death.” 52The Jews said to him, “Now we know that you have a demon. Abraham died, and so did the prophets, yet you say, ‘Whoever keeps my word will never taste death.’ 53Are you greater than our father Abraham, who died? The prophets also died. Who do you claim to be?” 54Jesus answered, “If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing. It is my Father who glorifies me, he of whom you say, ‘He is our God,’ 55though you do not know him. But I know him; if I would say that I do not know him, I would be a liar like you. But I do know him, and I keep his word. 56Your ancestor Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day; he saw it and was glad.” 57Then the Jews said to him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?” 58Jesus said to them, “Very truly, I tell you, before Abraham was, I am.” 59So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple.

Sermon          Pastor Andrew Winter

In the unity of the Godhead there are three persons, having one substance, power, and eternity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The Father exists. He is not generated and does not come from any source. The Son is eternally generated from the Father, and the Holy Spirit eternally comes from the Father and the Son. 

       — Westminster Confession of Faith 3.3

Bulletin - April 14, 2024: Text
Bulletin - April 14, 2024: Music Player

Gathering of Our Tithes and Offerings

      Response     # 638     The Doxology          (Gray Psalter Hymnal)

      Prayer of Dedication

Hymn     # 311     I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord          (Gray Psalter Hymnal)

The LORD’s Supper    

     Invitation to the Table 

     Prayer of Thanksgiving

     Giving & Receiving the Bread and the Cup

      Prayer of Consecration:

Almighty Lord: we are thankful for all the benefits given us in this bread and wine, this body and blood. As the grain was harvested and the grapes gathered for this food, so may your church in every place be gathered into your household. And as the grain was ground and the grapes crushed, so may our lives be spent in your service, until you return in triumph to gather to yourself the harvest and call us to the marriage feast of the lamb. Amen. 

Hymn     # 390     The Day of Resurrection          (Gray Psalter Hymnal)

                             Sung to the tune of # 555, Lancashire



Postlude     Toccata on "Unser Herrscher"         

Alan Smith on the tune by Joachim Neander

Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem, cleave the skies with shouts of praise; sing to him who found the ransom, Ancient of eternal days.

Bulletin - April 14, 2024: Text
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